Hours of Business 9.00am – 5.00pm Arrivals to the Glamping site will be after 2pm Arrivals after 5.00pm are to report to The Moorcock Inn for keys and registration to the site Departures will be prior to 10.00am These times may be adjusted only by prior agreement with the Management At the time of booking, patrons will be made aware of all site rules Any excessive noise before 8.00am or after 10.00pm is to be reported to a member of staff excessive noise will not be tollerated Disposable barbeques will be allowed but only if purchased from the onsite shop Barbeques will only be allowed in the Picnic bench area or on the designated slab No Barbeques are to be left unattended and must be fully extinguished after use All Barbeques to be extinguished no later than 9.00pm Water or Sand will be available on site to extinguish Barbeques in case of emergency Open campfires and fire pits are Strictly Prohibited Site maintenance will be carried out between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm Dogs will be allowed on the site at the discretion of management no dangerous breeds allowed Dogs will be exercised off site and must be on a short lead at all times Dogs must not be left unattended All dog excreta must be collected and disposed of in the relevant waste bins CCTV is on site for security and safety Any behavior observed that is deemed unacceptable may result in those occupants being asked to leave Parking is to the Northern corner of the site, away from neighbouring properties Parking is available adjacent to 2 of the Pods desiginated for use by occupants with disabilities No other vehicles will be allowed to park adjacent to the pods Vehicles will be allowed to drop off and pick up luggage at the Pods and then must return to the carpark provided There will be no access to patrons to parts of the site that are noticed with Private or Staff Only areas No climbing on any of the drystone walls or any structure on the site Any malicious damage to any property will result in patrons being reported to the Police, removed from site and back charged for all relevant repairs Any person found out to be using offensive language, showing violent behaviour to others will be told to leave the site immediately Any form of abuse shown to staff members will not be tolerated and will be immediately told to leave the site Any person that injures themselves must report it to a staff member and log it in The Incident and Accident Book in the Reception A comprehensive first aid kit is available for all patrons use on site, contact a member of staff at the reception or after hours in The Moorcock Pub